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Letz is an AI powered application that will improve your productivity to the next level, using friendly approach and emotional connection between you and the character. Let Letz take care of you and alter your most unproductive days into fruitful ones. Letz analyze and constantly learn your daily habits and patterns, so it can always perfectly propose ways to improve and polish the way you function.

The Business

Tackling the challenge of productivity with AI is what makes Letz an attractive solution. As a chatbot, it is a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with users and motivate them to share their daily tasks in the form of a text chat, in a very natural and engaging manner.

The Investment

The 100K investment will help the team to finish the development of the product and fuel the international marketing efforts.

Core Team

Nino Karas


Martin Anchevski


General Info

  • Letz
  • EST: 2016
  • Address: 9-1/3 Dime Anicin St., Skopje, Macedonia
  • CEO: Nino Karas
  • Website: http://letz.do