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SCV Week in Review #15

Catch up with our portfolio with updates from Bulb, Workpuls, Alchemy, Labbox, Hunch, Daibau, Cognism, Smartocto, Agrivi and Inplayer.

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SCV Week in Review #14

We are excited to share some major portfolio news with you in this SCV Week in Review issue.

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SCV in Week Review #13

Today we have many topics in our review - how to choose the right stories, 4 interviews, new announcement from Cognism, how to take care of your boat, report of the Serbian startup ecosystem and Entelo as the best hiring platform.

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Podim 2021

Regional startup ecosystem epicenter will be in Maribor 17-19 May 2021.

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SCV Week in Review #12

With the new edition of our SCV Week in Review, learn more about monetization, VC life in the Balkans, building a brand on Instagram, and creating an employee lifecycle diagram.

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SCV Week in Review #11

In our new SCV Week in Review, read news from Cognism, Bulb, Inplayer, Daibau and Workpuls. Plus Jure's column in the Croatian newspaper. Enjoy!

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SCV Week in Review #10

"Even though there is no right recipe, ideally, the people in the founding team act as the two parts of the brain combining the technical mentality with the commercial one. From what I have seen in the past, having two or three co-founders usually works well – having more than that can be problematic while having a single founder means that there will be a lot of pressure put on his/her shoulders. We are looking for teams with good chemistry and cultural fit among each other", said Pedja, Investment Manager at SCV.

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