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10 things we are looking for in a tech company

  • Great team

Technology evolves fast, markets change… What remains constantly valued is an exceptional team of problem solvers, people with high level of integrity who are fully dedicated to growth and expansion of the business. Thus our due diligence process is focused on the team, not only to the technology and solution.

  • Proof of potential success

Basically, we want to see that you know how to get the business off the ground. The best way to do this is to show us some traction: do you have users, have you sold your solution yet or maybe you have pre-orders?  Or perhaps you have past experience and capability to execute and respond to the needs of the market? We need to see something to make us believe you have hacked the product-market fit and are headed for success.

  • Tenacity

Or in other words not giving up. We look for startups determined to succeed. You will most probably be told by people who don’t understand your idea that you are not going to succeed, you will be told ‘no’ by people you want to hire, you will be advised by investors to ‘come back in 6 months’… What we need to see is that you are not only dreamers, but a team that is presistent and finds a way to make things work. That being said, we still want you to be responsive to the feedback from the market and industry trends.

  • Vision

We want to see that you know where you are going.  We don’t care for the vision statement written on your website. What we want to see is an inspiring contagious energy that the founder(s) and all core team members live and a vision that inspires a culture of do-ers.

  • Courage

We are looking for the most ambitious, fresh-thinking, brave and relentless teams that work on conquering international markets. This is a fund for Earth-shakers, building solutions that disrupt their industry and serve large global client base. Startups that limit their ambitions to local markets only are out of our investment focus.

  • Focus

Time is the most valuable resource. Time management and focus are crucial for success. Thus, we want to see startups that know what to do, and what not to do. Focus and dedicate your time and other resources on making one big idea work, instead of flirting with all of the ideas you may have. If you’re still trying to figure out what to focus on, it’s too early to look for an investment.

  • You have an idea of what your business model would be

If you’re looking for a seed investment, we don’t expect you to have a crystal clear business model. However, we do expect to hear an idea of how you plan to make money. We are here to help you build the right business model, but we need to see that you are working on that too and you have a solid sense of how to run a business. We expect to see a more defined business model and some revenues with early and growth stage companies.

  • Understanding the risk

We want to see a disciplined approach to identifying, understanding and managing the risks that come with launching your startup. Even if we join as investors, don’t consider that to be a success – it’s still just the beginning and you need to continue the hard work.

  • Great, scalable solution

While apps or games are cool, we would rather invest in products that have a big growth potential and are scalable. The important thing is that your solution is designed for catering to global client base. We primary expect to see B2B business models, although we do not exclude B2C and other models.

  • Momentum

We want to see startups that keep on moving and accumulate a series of small, but vital, successes one after the other. Basically, we need to see that you are fueled by moving-forward energy and quickly rich your milestones.