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South Central Ventures adds 57hours to the portfolio

57hours, an innovative global marketplace for booking outdoor adventure activities, today announced that it has successfully secured funding. The investment underscores the vast potential and growth within the outdoor recreation industry.

The investment round is led by South Central Ventures, a fund that continuously seeks to back innovative solutions and platforms with transformative potential. The platform, co-founded by Viktor Marohnić and Perica Levatić, bridges the gap between outdoor enthusiasts and expert, local guides across disciplines such as rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and more.

The outdoor recreation industry is experiencing a significant surge as consumers globally shift their focus from accumulating things to curating memories and experiences. The value placed on authentic adventures and immersive activities has never been higher. Coupled with a burgeoning global travel landscape, there’s a clear trend towards experience over acquisition. In this evolving scenario, 57hours positions itself as a forerunner, offering a distinctive platform that caters to this growing appetite for meaningful and thrilling outdoor experiences, underlining the world’s increasing desire for memorable moments over material possessions.

After fifteen years in the tech business and a successful exit from Five, I decided to devote myself to products that have all the key ingredients to be interesting to me. They must be personally closethey must have a positive impact on the world, and at the same time, they must be scalable and profitable enough to have a sustainable business model. That’s how 57hours was born, whose goal is to take as many people as possible to spend as much time as possible in nature, all over the world, and in this way enable the public to experience that very often life-changing moment that redefines them as people. We are just at the beginning; we want to grow another hundred times while SCV and other investors enable us to realize that dream.” said Viktor Marohnic, CEO and Founder at 57ours.

“57Hours is tapping into a very fast-growing market of outdoor sports enthusiasts who want to have their next experience at the reach of their palm. On the other hand, most tour guides do not enjoy the administrative part of their job, which is still essential for their business,” commented Jure Mikuz, Managing Partner at South Central Ventures. “Creating a marketplace for these two groups seems like a brilliant idea and we’re excited to be part of this journey.”

57hours is more than just a booking platform. It’s a gateway to the world’s most breathtaking and thrilling adventures, all anchored by the expertise of local guides who ensure memorable and safe experiences.

About 57hours

57hours is a US-based leading global marketplace for outdoor adventures, connecting the best local guides and tour operators to people in love with the outdoors. 57hours is for those who head outdoors and become more appreciative of our planet, environment, and all the people—of different cultures, colors, and nations—as a result.

About South Central Ventures

South Central Ventures is a VC investor with a long and enduring presence in the Adriatic region. Operating out of four offices – Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, and Skopje – the team has invested in about 40 early-stage tech companies and has been an integral part of the local start-up community. With a strong base of international investors, South Central Ventures is the go-to-investor for regional tech companies competing in global markets. SCV’s portfolio companies include Cognism, AdScanner, Insightful, Orgnostic, among others.