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Meet our CCO. Welcome Krunoslava!

When we value each startup company, we put a strong emphasis on the team and their organisational culture and we tend to value the same within our own team. Therefore, it gives us great pleasure to warmly welcome Krunoslava as our Chief Cultural Officer, joining the Zagreb Office.
Krunoslava has acquired significant knowledge and insight into what makes an organization a great place for work, being part of the Erste Bank team in Zagreb, as an Assistant to the Director of the Direct Channel Division.
While in Erste Bank, she was responsible for oversight and coordination of all employees’ activities and their career development within the bank. Additionally, she has a consulting background, developing business plans and investment studies for bank loans. Kruna is also very active in the Croatian startup community; she attends various events and enjoys working with creative and innovative people. That’s why she was appointed as the coordinator of the innovation project Baltazar within Erste Bank.
Krunoslava says: “I am looking forward to start my journey in South Central Ventures and do my part in their mission to make a change in the region and the world. It’s great to get even more involved in the startup community and contribute to the team that makes ideas, innovation and technology come to life.”
So far at SCV, we’ve managed to build a diverse team working remotely from our offices in Skopje, Belgrade and Zagreb and we hope to continue further developing the team and growing the portfolio with Kruna’s help.