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Company update: Bulb Tech with Mauro Zullo

Innovative, unique, trustworthy… these are some of the adjectives associated with Bulb Tech, one of our portfolio companies that has grown to become one of the largest telco software creators in SEE. They have been actively working on introducing new products and expanding to new markets so we invited their Director of Sales and Business Development, Mauro Zullo, for a cup of coffee to tell us more.

SCV: Mauro, can you explain in 2 sentences what Bulb does, and try not to use too many buzzwords?

Mauro: Bulb Technologies enables all types of Communication Service Providers (CSP) to deliver a superior customer experience, reduce customer support related cost and increase revenues to Telco operators. Bulb Technologies Digital Experience Suite includes software solutions for automated diagnostics and troubleshooting, Proactive Customer Experience Management and Service & Network Analytics.

SCV: On which markets are you currently present?

Mauro: We currently work with major Communications Service Providers all across South East Europe, from Slovenia to Greece!
You can say we are building our mini Roman Empire!

SCV: What is your expansion strategy?

Mauro: Simple command and conquer. (Laughs joyfully)

To be able to scale up our sales capabilities in the short to midterm, we are looking at channel partners to be a virtual extension of Bulb. We have already on board two such partners who are giving us good spread across most of Europe and USA. The results of these efforts are already starting to materialize!

SCV: You are adding new features and products to your portfolio, what is the latest product you are working on?

Mauro: We are adding Chatbot as a communication channel and the next logical step in our Digital Experience portfolio will be Cempresso Active Care.

SCV: What does the future of customer care look like for Telecoms?

Mauro: Looking forward, we can see that there is a real gap when it comes to personalization of upsell campaigns within telecoms. At Bulb, we recognize that the insights gained from service behaviour can be monetized and therefore bring the CSP a new way to interact with the consumer. Through our Digital Experience portfolio, we can address this and provide an engaging customer experience.

SCV: Is there something interesting we need to know about Bulb?

Mauro: Did you know that the company name “Bulb” is not really related to lighting? Actually, in local language Bulb refers to the front part of the ship which breaks waves, we are wave breakers!