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A new milestone for Sentinel Marine solutions – launch of Destinations, a »TripAdvisor« for boat owners

Our portfolio company Sentinel Marine solutions has announced the addition of a new feature Destination to its Sentinel, your boat online. It has been compared to the TripAdvisor, but for the Sea.
It takes into account your location and preferences as well as safety including weather conditions and recommends the best destinations for your boat trip, making your sailing carefree.
Dalmacija News called it »a skipper in your pocket«.
The feature is primarily designed for bareboat charters and will be available this season as part of “Sentinel, your boat online”. A stand-alone app called BayFinder is also planned for everyone else ready to take their sailing experience to another level of pleasure. The app will be able to integrate into other applications and web platforms as well.
Croatia, the home country of Sentinel Marine solutions, is the first place where Bayfinder will come to life.
Visit BayFinder website for more information and apply to be the first to try out this easy way of sailing.