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AdScanner and Vodafone are changing the German TV advertising landscape

AdScanner, together with Germany’s largest TV service provider, Vodafone, is conquering the German market. They are working together to further optimize, personalize and actively shape the advertising market. AdScanner, which has been present on the European market for years, strengthens its position in Germany with this partnership.
The cooperation with Vodafone is a new recognition for AdScanner and a unique big data solution for a new generation of TV business models that have been recognized by Vodafone and three large international investors, South Central Ventures, J&T Ventures, and Laughing Tuna GmbH. With a financial injection of 2.7 million EUR, AdScanner is working to strengthen development opportunities.
AdScanner’s solution is based on a self-developed self-learning video recognition algorithm that, combined with user data from a large number of cable and IPTV households, displays viewer behavior per second. The partnership with Vodafone for the first time provides insight into the behavior of users of millions of households through a unique solution, the Cockpit. The process of
measuring TV ratings also differs significantly from traditional panel-based measurement techniques and, thanks to the large number of cases, allows the integration of different custom KPIs such as profiles.
In addition to TV companies, Cockpit can also be used by advertisers and media agencies because, for the first time, they have complete transparency and control over their campaigns, all in one tool. In this way, TV campaigns can be optimized faster and more efficiently. The same was recognized by our strategic partner A1 and the largest Croatian TV company, HRT, which uses AdScanner solutions.
“I am interested in how the industry will experience the first results. The first feedback from our partners is extremely positive. It’s not that it reflected well only on our campaign planning and control of advertising content. This project is an important strategic step into the future – we are creating the basis for personalized forms of advertising on linear television. The entire advertising industry gets a new partnership with this” – said Gregor Gründgens, director of brand marketing from Vodafone.
“Our goal is to upgrade TV advertising in Germany and improve the efficiency of advertising space planning. With Vodafone as a partner, we are now taking the first step in that direction in the German market. Our video recognition algorithm automatically recognizes TV campaigns and TV content, while generating performance graphs and audience analysis based on viewer interaction with the TV program. Advertisers and merchants can get the required results at any time through our Cockpit” – added Marin Ćurković, CEO and co-founder of Adscanner.
From the very beginning, the entire project involved partners from various industries who, with their expertise, enabled the improvement and expansion of Cockpit.
“At L’Oréal, we test new consumer approaches on a daily basis. AdScanner gives us completely new insights into the actual use of the TV – right up to a second. For our brands, we can now assess in more detail the formats and space used and increase efficiency by up to 15 percent. This is a very promising solution for the automation era that is beginning. We will set the golden rule
based on the new data solution and accordingly we will adjust our investments to the best performers” – said Andreas Neef, Director of Media and Program Advertising at L’Oréal.

“This partnership will definitely help DAZN on its way to becoming the leading sports retailer in Germany. Our data-driven approach and AdScanner strategy complement each other perfectly. This collaboration sets new trends in the media market, especially in terms of scalability, as it allows us to automatically analyze advertiser behavior in terms of consumption and at the same time accurately measure the reach of our linear channels to individual users” – added Haruka Gruber, vice president of Media DACH at DAZN. impressed by the new solution.