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Agremo wins the Annual Investment Meeting startup competition in Belgrade

Agremo wins the local Annual Investment Meeting startup competition and will get the chance to present its solution to the leading global investors and companies at AIM Startup Finals in Dubai. Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) is an initiative from UAE and the topic of this year’s competition is »Investing in the future: creating global investment strategies«.

An opportunity to expand to the Middle East

The AgriTech company Agremo is developing a software platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate the analysis of aerial images collected by drones and satellites. The software obtains accurate information about crops, plants and fields, and thereby advance different processes in agriculture.

Milan Dobrota, CEO of Agremo, explains they already have several users in the Middle East, and that going to Dubai on AIM would actually be the first step for greater penetration in that market, an opportunity to introduce and create a new network of contacts.

“Otherwise this would be much more difficult. Given that this is a part of the world with great potential and need for precision agriculture and new technological solutions in this field, participation in such a large gathering will help to increase our chances for business expansion in the Middle East market,” said Milan.

The competition was organised by NTP and Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) and 10 startups got the chance to present their solutions to the jury of professional VCs and companies: Agremo, Leanpay, E-prime, White Lemur, Joberty, Tele Go, PatchAI, Digital Worx, Teodesk and Ultimo.

You can read more about the AIM competition in the report from the organisers.