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Corporations and tech companies: Combining the best of both worlds on SCV Summit

The topic of this year’s SCV Summit was cooperation between companies that make innovative tech solutions and industry giants. For this purpose, we had an insightful discussion between Simon Franko, Managing Director of BASF Adriatic, Miroslav Dimitrov, Program Manager of SAP.iO Foundry Berlin and Aleksandar Bijelić, Chief Digital Officer at MK Group.

We talked about how corporations deal with avoiding falling behind the innovation and which possibilities are there for innovation-driven companies to join forces with bigger enterprise corporations. Our guest offered our portfolio members some great tips on what to be prepared for dealing with corporations with regards to budgeting, decision process, how and what to pitch to which audience and what to expect from a deal with a corporation.

We would like to thank our guests for enlightened and open debate on the third SCV Summit. It was a special honour having you with us sharing the expert knowledge with our portfolio members. One of South Central Ventures’s core values is sharing key learnings throughout the portfolio community making the learning curve smaller and the road to success easier for every one of our portfolio companies.