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drytools launches Sifu, a rapid web development tool

We are happy to announce that our portfolio company, drytools, launched Sifu – a rapid web development tool. Sifu was presented at a live event in Startit Center Belgrade.  You can read more at the Sifu blog.

In a nutshell, Sifu disrupts the way web applications are made. Although one would say that there are many other frameworks, code generators, and platforms that speed up development and reduce the clutter and noise, the reality is that they all come down to the same problem: they lock developers in. At the end developers end up codeless, and do not own the code.

Sifu changes that. It automates the tedious and repetitive development tasks so developers can stay focused on the big picture. And on top of it, it doesn’t lock developers in, but allows them to own the code.
Sifu is all about the drytools mission is to help developers spend more time on meaningful programming, speeding up the development cycle and in the end making programming even more fun for all.

The core benefits for developers include.
Faster development
Get high-quality source code in a fraction of the time, the way you want it — the way you would write it.
Cut down on testing time
With Sifu there is less chance for human error, meaning less time spent testing. Sifu even sets up your development, build and deployment environment.
Less to manage
Reduce project management time, team management time and client management time, thanks to the unique workflow processes gained using Sifu.
Easier to develop an MVP
Sifu it makes working with clients and fellow developers on product specifications easier, faster and more fluid, as you write specifications in the DSL and present the MVP structure in a mater of days.
Better team collaboration
It’s far easier for a team to collaborate having an overview of the whole project written in only a few hundred lines of specifications instead of tens of thousands lines of code.

drytools will present Sifu at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in September San Francisco, an award they got from winning the Spark.me startup competition earlier this year. As the team says there is a long and bumpy road ahead of them, one that is full of uncharted paths, but one that will be for sure nothing less than an exciting.

If you would like to try Sifu, make sure you apply for the early access program.