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Entelo has acquired ConveyIQ

CEO of ConveyIQ  Danielle Weinblatt said: ‘Entelo’s acquisition of ConveyIQ provides a foundation to expand my original vision for the company and bring to market the first fully-integrated Recruitment Automation Platform designed to help everyone hire more optimally. This product will enable recruiters by automating sourcing, outreach, screening, communications such as follow-ups and status updates, digital interviewing, scheduling, and engagement all in one system. The platform can either integrate with your ATS or you can use it standalone. It is important to provide that flexibility, so that every company has the same opportunity to improve its recruiting. ‘

The acquisition also presents an incredible opportunity for the ConveyIQ team and their customers, one that Danielle discusses in detail on the ConveyIQ blog.

We wish them good luck in the next chapters and are very proud to be a part of their story.