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Homible – the prop-tech company closed a seed investment from South Central Ventures to create a digital representation of the property industry

20thJune, Zagreb. Croatian/UK startup Homible raised a seed round of investment from South Central Ventures and Angel investors. The investment is intended to help the startup grow their user base in the UK and take managing property to the digital age.

The property sector as the final frontier ripe for disruption

Across the developed world, people are united in their frustration with the real estate and property industries. It seems strange that there isn’t a global prop-tech company with reach similar to Google, Facebook or Amazon to address this. Most existing startups only seek to disrupt a single vertical and haven’t approached the problem as a whole. The Homible team has found a solution, and it all starts with our homes. Our homes should, and now can be the central hub for all things property related online.

Homible have aligned themselves with disruptive prop-tech companies to bring innovation together in a holistic way that that allows users to manage everything under one roof. This simply replicates our real homes that are a mash-up of lots of different services. By representing our homes online, we have the potential to build from there and create a digital representation of the entire property industry. This removes the pain points in order to create a transparent and user-centric community.

Homible will enable property owners to reduce the time spent either managing or worrying about household administration. Different services, such as energy, insurance, broadband, mobiles, vehicles, pets, etc., can be purchased, managed and administered from inside the Homible platform and it is all part of a much larger “Master plan” of creating the new age of property. Homible is already active on the UK market and their user base is growing, creating a large community of properties.

The team that will make it happen.

The story behind Homible started more than a year ago in Split, when Stephen Geran (CEO), Josip Medic (CTO) and Josip Bojcic formed the company with a clear idea of helping homeowners, tenants and landlords to better manage their property. By integrating existing solutions and numerous innovative features they have built a unique experience (a sort of Facebook for property) and launched it in early 2018. Stephen Geran originally served as an engineer in the Royal Navy and later operated a successful e-commerce business before founding Homible. Between the family business and property, Stephen has witnessed problems with the property market first hand and decided to do something about it.

Josip Medic (CTO) was involved in the successful startup ‘WHERE‘, prior to its acquisition by PayPal. He then went on to enjoy roles at PayPal, Reversing Labs, Fotoln and Oradian before founding Homible. Josip Bojcic, before founding Homible, held senior positions at Extension Engine and HR Cloud and is an active Toptal freelancer.Homible is now actively recruiting the best tech talents from Croatia with a passion for prop-tech and help them in achieving their vision.

The Investment

“It’s great to have the backing of South Central Ventures at this early stage. It gives us the foundations to build our grand vision for the property industry. In the short term, the investment will be used to build our team and market the product to drive early user acquisition” – stated Stephen Geran, Homible CEO & cofounder.

The investment by South Central Ventures and the Angel investors of 120K GBP is intended to help Homible strengthen the team in Croatia and position their solution as a go to service for property management in the UK.

“We’re excited to back this committed team of experienced entrepreneurs on their new venture. They are not aiming to reinvent a wheel, but rather develop a service to make our every day’s lives easier. I’m looking forward to start using Homible and I’m sure many other people are as well.” said Jure Mikuž, a Managing Partner at South Central Ventures.