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Labbox Launch Event was a success

On 7th November Labbox held an Official launch event, that was attended by nearly 100 ed-tech enthusiasts. Founders Arta Shehu Zaimi and Fiona Shehu presented their unique educational solution that fosters creativity, engineering mindset and learning through experience.

Everybody at the event had the chance to see and try the Labbox in person and speak about the idea for the future of Labbox directly with the founders. The event also got covered by the local media.

“It takes a lot of courage to start a company operating in such a competitive market, competing not only with other tech companies but also with some big names, and even more so if you’re starting from a small country like Kosovo. Not necessarily due to the limited resources, but also due to the limited access to global markets. Nevertheless, with the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm accumulated in Labbox’ team, I firmly believe in their ability to execute on their mission to bring the technology closer to children and provide a real learning experience. This first product is just the first step and there are many more to come,” said from the stage our Managing Partner Tatjana Zabasu Mikuž.

Look at some of the highlights from the event:

About Labbox Launch Event on social media:

labbox launch event