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May – the month of startup conferences

May – the month of startup conferences. Most people do not see any benefits
from them, but let me tell you why they (or you) are all wrong. Generally,
startups visit conferences to meet investors and investors go to conferences to
meet startups. And investors.

Startup conferences are the numbers game. You have to go there because you
never know who you will meet, which new business connections you will get,
and you have to go there to nurture a relationship with different stakeholders
from the industry.

Therefore, I attended PODIM (Maribor, Slovenia), Opatija Tourist Incubator
(Opatija, Croatia) and SEE Tech Tour 2019 (Bucharest, Romania and Sofia,
Bulgaria). Other colleagues were also at Pioneers Festival (Vienna, Austria),
GIST Regional Startup Bootcamp (Skopje, Macedonia), SPARK.me (Tivat,
Montenegro) and DigitalK (Sofia, Bulgaria). It was amazing to see our portfolio
companies winning startup competitions, meeting potential customers and
investors, and connecting with other startups for future business opportunities.
After several conferences that we or other startups and investors have
attended, it is sometimes hard to see any purpose in them. Yet, you never
know what is around the corner or who you are going to meet.
Therefore, attend conferences, network, meet new people, be very proactive in
speaking to as many people as possible. At the end, VC, and business, are a
relationship game.