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News from the region: Startup ecosystem 2020

A news portal Netokracija which is covering tech news in the Balkan region asked us about our vision for 2020 for the startups in Serbia. Read about what the 2019 trends were, which startups made an impression and what 2020 will bring.

You can read the entire article here:


Key takeaways from our Investment Manager Pedja Predin:

  • This year South Central Ventures invested in 3 Serbian startups (Leanpay, Molo and Videobolt), making the portfolio of 27 tech companies in Western Balkans altogether.
  • The startup community in the region is slowly growing strong and noticeable with some strong exits behind it.
  • We are observing an increasing number of startups with international teams based in Serbia that tackle the global markets
  • The integration of the region into the global business environment is getting stronger; we no longer represent the exotic, unknown part of the world to companies and investors from the USA or Western Europe
  • We see the advancement of the companies already in the portfolio, to which we are helping strategically grow and expand to other markets. Along with this focus, we are also keeping our eyes open in 2020 for new interesting teams that create tech solutions. On this note, we are glad to report that we constantly meet founders with innovative ideas that we feel are worth supporting.