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Podcast: The difference in investing in the Balkans than in other regions with Tatjana Zabasu Mikuž

The European Women in VC initiative, a group of nearly 200 senior VC women professionals from over 20 European countries with total assets under management of ca. EUR 10 billion in the funds managed, invited us to this talk about the startups’ sector of the future, the approach to founders and the difference in investing in the Balkans to other regions. Click on the youtube video to watch the interview with our Managing Partner Tatjana Zabasu Mikuž in conversation with Kinga Stanislawska (Experior VC).

We talked about:

  • VC beginnings in the region
  • Regional success stories (Celtra, Cognism, Outfit7, Infobip)
  • Successful fund exits
  • Which are the startups we invest in
  • The future sectors that will bring further success stories
  • Women in VC and startups
  • Advice for founders today