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New power in SCV team

Our portfolio is growing, and so is our team! We are really excited as we have another member joining our team- Igor Madzov in Skopje. Igor has exquisite background as entrepreneur, startup scout and ecosystem builder. Therefore, we trust him with finding the best investment opportunities for us, while helping teams and companies to grow and bring their visions to life.  “


Meet Igor Madzov 

Igor is a passionate entrepreneur, co-founder of Startup Macedonia and actively involved in developing the Startup Ecosystem in Macedonia. He has a Business background and experience in business development, lead generation and sales for startups. His favorite activities include problem solving and overcoming obstacles for early stage companies, as well as sharing his experience through mentoring startups on the lessons learned the hard way with his own Startup Finderolo. Currently, he is the curator of Startup Digest Macedonia, and as a community builder, he is involved in many local and regional initiatives and events such as co-organizing Startup Europe Week, Startup Weekend Skopje and others. Perhaps that is why people consider him to be a networking ninja.

 Igor says:

“I am looking forward to becoming a part of the SC Ventures team and working with companies in the MAK region (Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo). There is a general lack of successful Startups and entrepreneurial heroes in this region that would serve as inspiration and motivation for future young entrepreneurs. The developing ecosystems can benefit from the presence of a VC fund such as SC Ventures, who can offer the necessary funding and support to ensure the hidden gems grow into global success stories.