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SCV on events in the region: AI2FUTURE

Organized by the Croatian AI association (CroAI), AI2FUTURE conference is the biggest yearly event for all AI community members in Croatia, with the regional focus and best international cases. Once a year, participants have the opportunity to listen to high profile AI professionals and practitioners.

We were a part of an expert jury that chose among 10 brightest stars in the competition:

  • AI Technologies – Artificial intelligence for trends and event forecasting
  • ALAN Analytics – AI that provides humanesque insights from texts
  • Asgard – Early stage skin cancer detection and classification
  • Crop Shepherd   – Autonomous AI powered laser weeding robot
  • Cloudonia – Image recognition software for Retail execution
  • Imbafactory – Realtime predictive modelling, esports data, real-time game data
  • NomenTech – Using AI to understand proper names worldwide
  • Protostar Labs – Evolution in computer vision data annotation.
  • Robotiq.ai – automating business processes using software robots
  • UHURA SOLUTIONS – AI platform that understands customer contracts and agreements

Congrats to Robotiq.ai for the win and Uhura Solutions for the second place!