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SCV in Week Review #16

  1. Entelo’s executive team is growing! Marty DeLaCruz joined the team in early May as Director of Sales. Marty’s career path has been all but conventional – he started with music, pivoted to culinary arts and ended up turning his passions to technology.
  2. How Booknowmed navigates through a pandemic? Aris Bailan spoke about the choices made and lessons learned during Covid19.
  3. Check out Smartocto’s Real Talk podcast and learn about digital transformation, technology, storytelling, digital journalism and everything else relevant to newsrooms around the world.
  4. Are you interested in what is happening with paid social advertising in retail? Check out 6 trends for 2021 in an analysis by Hunch.
  5. If you’re wondering how to break the barrier between sales and marketing teams, Cognism’s experts can offer actionable advice on how to integrate your sales and marketing teams and how Cognism can help you improve your processes.
  6. CityExpert’s new service- Counselor for loans – helps you find the best financing option for your new home without stress and for free.
  7. We are pleased to announce that Tradecore has been listed as one of the Top London Financial Exchanges Companies.
  8. Alchemy, the highly customizable digital lab management solution, continues to add customers to its roster and helps them leverage speed as their competitive advantage.