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SCV Insight Talks: Success through Acquisition with ConveyIQ by Entelo

Thinking of merging? Already got an acquisition offer? Of course, every startup story is different and one rule can not apply to all. This is why it is important for startups to have as much insight into their options as possible before deciding what their next step is going to be.

This week we caught up with Danielle Weinblatt in Belgrade, Serbia, and asked her about acquisitions and her thoughts on this topic. Danielle is the founder of ConveyIQ, an HR solution company that recently got acquired by Entelo to create the world’s first recruitment automation platform from end to end, from source to basically your first day on the job.

ConveyIQ has been a part of South Central Ventures portfolio since 2018, so we are excited to share its founder’s insights on this topic in this exclusive Q&A on SCV Insight Talks. Watch the video below to see Danielle’s journey through a successful acquisition story:

  1. Can you describe your journey as a founder since ConveyIQ joined Entelo family? 
  2. What advice would you give to fellow founders? (2:50)
  3. How is your development team in Serbia involved in the acquisition? (5:43)
  4. Does being backed by VC firm help with the acquisition process? (10:06)
  5. What are the new business opportunities since joining forces with Entelo? (13:03)
  6. How do you see ConveyIQ’s acquisition by Entelo from an investor’s point of view? (17:29)
    (this question is answered by Jan Kobler, Managing Partner at South Central Ventures)

Danielle, we are most grateful you joined us in our SCV Insight Talks: Success through Acquisition. Hvala puno!
You can get to know ConveyIQ by Entelo on their website or follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.