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SCV on events in the region: CEE roundtable 2020

On the 16th of January 2020 in Warsaw, a CEE roundtable was organized by three prominent VC funds in the CEE region, namely Speedinvest, Firstminute Capital and Innovation Nest.

The roundtable was organized as a productive working session and a joint networking dinner. The event brought together 35 VC representatives from 14 countries, one of which was also our Eli Zhabevska, Senior Associate from SCV Skopje office.

The main topics discussed in the working session covered:

  • the lack of productive collaboration in the CEE VC community;
  • the competitive advantage of the CEE region in terms of technical skills and how to better exploit them;
  • the costs for valuable human resources in this region;
  • the lack of sufficient success stories that could promote the region;
  • the potential for scaling business that emerges from the CEE region;
  • should there be centralization in terms of city hubs in this region.

The issues discussed represent a challenge for every VC fund operating in the CEE region. We concluded that the most important and crucial step forward to strengthen the VC community is to promote further collaboration for sharing insights, knowledge and deal flow.