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SCV became STARTUP3 Accelleration Programme partner

We support the STARTUP3 Acceleration Programme, and are happy to join this project as a partner in the corporate and venture capital investment pool.

For the European deep-tech start-up scene to grow sustainably and achieve its potential impact, access to real market problems and test beds is required. Funded by EU Horizon 2020 research program, the STARTUP3 project builds and facilitates an open and collaborative ecosystem for high impact deep-tech innovators and corporates, and acts as a cross-border/sectoral market-maker. STARTUP3 business and growth program aims to build an ecosystem where cluster SMEs, technology SMEs, market-oriented researchers, deep-tech ventures, individual innovators/researchers with innovative ideas will be given an opportunity to bring their idea into an industry.

During all stages, STARTUP3 will support selected innovative ideas to challenge their concepts through 1 year of mentorship and help them shape their deep-tech solutions to the best projects.

Check if you meet the application criteria.