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SCV Summit 2023

SCV Summit 2023 spanned over two days in the immediate proximity of the world famous Postojna cave, and brought together a diverse group of over 70 founders, investors and friends. Hence, it was a perfect opportunity to learn, exchange opinions and ask tricky questions.
After we touched upon the current macroeconomic environment the spotlight was on the latest additions to our portfolio. As a group of start-ups and investors we surely could not ignore the challenges of fundraising in the current environment, both, from investors’ and founders’ perspective.

We deep dived into the importance of empathy in the sales process and emphasized the impact of strategic branding. The role of customer success function and the art of making decisions based on the solid data were the topics that sparked the liveliest discussions, indicating they occupy the minds of our portfolio companies.

Last and not least, the Summit offered plenty of networking opportunities in a relaxed environment, with the ultimate visit to the spectacular Postojna cave.

We are pretty sure the attendees enjoyed the event and would like to thank all for making it a success. We look forward to many more!