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SCV Week in Review #11

  1. Jure, Managing Partner at SCV wrote a column in Večernji list about the Croatian startup community. (Croatian only) As he says:

“Now is a perfect  timing for investing in startups from this region and there’s a great chance of picking a good company.”

  1. The gold goes to Cognism, they won B2B Marketing Martech Awards 2020! Also, last week Cognism launched the latest version of its platform, that embeds Bombora’s intent data into its sales intelligence software.
  2. Martin Pelcl and Gregor Černelč from Daibau had an interview with Val 202, a Slovenian radio station, about their recent success. (Slovenian only)
  3. Workpuls’ new Timeline feature provides daily insights into your team’s time, habits and schedules.
  4. George Meek, CEO of Inplayer, talked about the benefits of live-streaming concerts and what artists should consider and take advantage of when live-streaming.
  5. Find out how Bulb’s virtual agent solution can help you and your clients.