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SCV Week in Review #19

  1. Freedom of choice of work environment and location is a key factor for many job seekers today. You can have it all if you apply to open positions in Workpuls or Labbox.
  2. Hunch reveals 5 ways for the travel industry to prepare for the comeback travel wave on Paid Social.
  3. Agremo’s corn calculator allows users to predict corn yields.
  4. No company wants bad hires, but we still need to know how many we’re making. Orgnostic helps you calculate bad hires and potentially fix the hiring process.
  5. James Isilay, CEO of Cognism, talked about the importance of hiring people that are better than you for Highway to Scale. The number one topic was setting up a top sales team.
  6. With IoT data and automation we can do many things – the possibilities are endless. See how Bulb’s Cempresso can support you in using IoT to improve customer experience.