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SCV Week in Review

We’ve selected a few highlights of recent happenings. Want to know more? Follow more of our portfolio companies.

  1. SCV Summit 2019 goes down in history as a success. Through lectures from keynote speakers and open debate between portfolio members, we shared a lot of experiences and knowledge, making our portfolio stronger than ever. New portfolio members also got the chance to introduce themselves to the rest of the portfolio and investors.
  2. Uhura Solutions got chosen out of 200 startups to be part of an Elevator Lab, the fintech partnership program of Raiffeisen Bank International AG.
  3. Agrivi listed as Technology Fast 50 CE 2019 Edition by Deloitte.
  4. Leanpay is adding professional eyewear and ophthalmological services Morela to the wide net of retailers.
  5. Agremo named by 150sec between rare Eastern European startups, that actively tackle climate change.
  6. TradeCore visited #FIF2019 Financial Innovation Forum.