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SCV Week in Review #20

Portfolio success stories and use cases always make for an interesting read. This week we present portfolio achievements from Cognism, smartocto, City Expert, Alchemy, Videobolt and Bulb Tech:

  1. Read how James Isilay, Cognism CEO, raised millions to accelerate corporate sales with AI.
  2. Renzo Veenstra, editor in chief at Omroep Brabant, the largest regional broadcaster in The Netherlands, described how they are using smartocto data to achieve relevant content for their readers.
  3. How did the first Serbian online real estate agency come to an idea of cooperation with real estate investors? Read about it from Igor Jović, CEO of City Expert.
  4. Follow Alchemy’s story from the beginnings to now successful Chemtech startup.
  5. 93 % of marketers have gotten a new client from a video on social media. What about you? Maybe it’s time to try out Videobolt solution. More than 500.000 videos were already created through this video-template platform.
  6. Bulb Tech explains the benefits of creating flawless customer onboarding service to grow customer satisfaction and reduce churn.


City Expert on cooperation with investors

The new addition to City Expert team: the Head of the New Developments Nedeljko Malesic with City Expert CEO Igor Jovic