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SCV Week in Review #21

  1. Over half a million registered users create videos on Videobolt’s platform – here’s what the team has to say about their growth, investments and future plans!
  2. Learn how Inplayer’s clients benefit from its simple, streamlined and integrated platform for buying access to any virtual event.
  3. Wondering what powers Cognism’s content marketing engine? Find out which 13 tools are the most important in their tech stack.
  4. Meet Daibau’s new CMO, Srećko Šekeljić, and learn how Daibau’s platform can make your life much easier. (Serbian only)
  5. Orgnostic and Lever have teamed up to make talent acquisition analytics easy and frictionless for all CHROs out there.
  6. Hunch has created the ultimate guide to show you exactly what location-based ads are, how they work, and how you can use them for your business.
  7. Bulb explains why now is the perfect time to embrace low-code application development and how Bulb’s low-code hyper automation platforms can help you achieve your goals.