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SCV Week in Review #21

Sharing the latest portfolio media exposure, achievements and case studies:

  1. After Croatian startup Infobip reached a billion-dollar valuation, Croatian business newspaper Vecernji reviewed which are potential next Croatian unicorns. Among the promising companies is also our portfolio company Agrivi with the 432% growth rate.
  2. A new era begins for Sentinel Marine solutions as they have chosen Technical Marine Supplies (TMS) to represent the company in the UK. “With the market seeing more and more GPS trackers flood in, it was important to TMS to partner with the manufacturer that can offer the full range of services available, whilst offering sensible subscription options to the vessel operator,” explained TMS sales manager, Nick Cook.
  3. A new case study from Cognism is in. This time you can get a closer look and perspective on Cognism Interactive. Read how UK-based creative agency MYWW used this tool to build their sales pipeline with a record number of leads in 3 months period.
  4. Fintech Zoom, one of the top Fintech Media portals in the world, published Microcapital brief on Tradecore platform, a new Tradecore solution that facilitates the procedure of launching new Fintechs.
  5. Serbian company Blueberry Digital made a list of top digital marketing tools by use categories. As TOP 3 tools for post visual design, they suggest also our portfolio company Videobolt which can help you personalise video with a vast library of video templates.
  6. If you are deciding whether employee monitoring or time tracking is the right solution for you, WorkPuls explains the benefits of both approaches and how to choose between them.

Enjoy the read!