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SCV Week in Review #23

Our portfolio companies share a lot of know-how deriving from their expertise. Their products and expertise can help your business grow through removing pain points and automatization of standard processes. We’ve gathered some of their recent publications and blogs that you might find useful:

  1. Cognism: 10 ways to improve cold calling. If you’re interested in this topic, also don’t miss their weekly #coldcallingclass.

  1. Videobolt: Easy-to-use employerbranding recruiting video templates

  1. Hunch: Is Facebook Becoming Too Expensive?

  1. Leanpay: “No one needs a loan, they need whatever they’re buying”; An Interview with Leanpay co-founder Janko Medja

  1. TradeCore: Innovation to UK Financial Services

  1. Bulbtech: Virtual agent – Make it easy for customers and employees to get what they need.

Enjoy the read!