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SCV Week In Review #29

In another great week behind us, check out our team’s recent interviews and events as well as portfolio media exposure accompanied by insightful content.

  1. Our Managing Partner Jure Mikuz spoke with Lider Media on searching the next unicorn in Croatia.
  2. We were part of the jury on Startup Factory Bootcamp this weekend. Out of 28 startups, 19 were chosen. See which startups managed to convince the jury.
  3. Startups with new hires in the marketing department should read this article by Cognism CMO Alice de Courcy: The first 100 days: what I learned as a new Head of Marketing
  4. Agrivi’s CEO & Founder Matija Zulj will speak at a live panel debate on Next-gen farming and game-changing AgTech Solutions The event is organized by Food Tech matters.
  5. WorkPuls announces new partnership with Xoxoday.
  6. Croatian national TV HRT presented a case study, where they also explain the difference with measuring their data with AdScanner. In comparison with their previous data measurement provider who had a sample of ca. 3.000 individuals, AdScanner can provide the data for 300.000 viewers.