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SCV Week in Review #3

This SCV Week in Review is dedicated to sharing the knowledge from SCV team and our portfolio companies. The companies, we invest in, don’t just bring the innovative solutions, with it comes the expert know-how in the field they cover as well. That is why we made a list of the best tips & tricks blogs from different fields in our community. We hope you find it as useful and inspiring as we did.

  1. For all that want to use geofencing to hack Facebook Ads with laser precision, we’ve read this how-to blog by Hunch.
  2. Cognism talked with UK Sales Leader for Zendesk Karen Muldoon and Ben Ward-Cochrane, Senior Business Development Executive at Cognism to crack the secret on how to succeed as a Sales Development Representative
  3. Do you have a big fan base? InPlayer has some great tips on monetizing a fan base in D2C model.
  4. Managing an online store? Then Pathfinder’s blog on 3 growth levers to pull to increase E-Commerce revenue by 73% is a must-read.
  5. LittleDot offers a lot of advice for new parents. One of them is how to prepare your child for the first visit to the kindergarten.
  6. We also interviewed our new Investor Manager Pedja Predin from SCV Belgrade Office about his personal tips and tricks in the VC field.