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SCV Week in Review #31

Updates from the previous week interviews and events by SCV team as well as news from the portfolio:

  1. We’re sharing the interview by VC Leaders with our Managing Partner Jure Mikuž: “If you’re a pioneer, don’t expect to have mentors.”
  2. If you missed us on events in the previous week, you can get in touch with us at Lean Startup Croatia event Online BizHack Startup Caffe on the topic of how to finance a business opportunity. The event starts on Wednesday, 4th November at 17.00.
  3. A new business intelligence report released by HTF MI reports, that the smart agricultural market will generate massive revenue by leading Players Agrivi, The Climate, Delaval, Dickey-John.
  4. Labbox is sharing a video of their new projects for kids. Check out how you can engage your kids in STEM projects.
  5. John W. Hayes, Marketing Strategist and the author of Becoming THE Expert shares how Pathfinder can take your Shopify eCommerce store to the next level.