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SCV Week in Review 4#

The double release of our Newsletter is here! Enjoy reading it and check all the news from our portfolio companies.

  1. Read InPlayer’s new blog post on How Enterprises and Brands Utilize Video to Maintain Consumer Engagement. With InPlayer ‘s out-of-the-box platform that appeals to a wide audience – across the web, connected devices and OTT platforms – this has become easier than ever.
  2. We spoke to Faktor.mk about the challenges of 2020, what we have achieved in the last 12 months, the success stories from our portfolio and what trends to expect in the new year. (Macedonian only)
  3. A case study from Videobolt will show how to scale your content in 2021. According to emarketer.com one of the most important digital trends in 2021 will be influencer and user-generated content. In their own words: ”Brands have discovered in the past year that not-so-slick works, so they’ll do a lot more of it in 2021.” Read the full case study
  4. Orgnostic can help you with your hiring process. Their tool can make it easier and faster, give it a try. Also, check out the new release of their newsletter.
  5. Ivan Petrović, CEO of Workpuls, spoke to SoftwareSuggest in the interview about Workpuls and his journey that lead him to start the company in the first place. If you’re inspired by it and want to become a part of the amazing team at Workpuls, just apply here.
  6. Agrivi rocks, they have partnered with @farmingfirst to accelerate sustainable agricultural development worldwide. Find out more about how AGRIVI has officially become Farming First supporter.
  7. Cognism will be hosting a webinar on a topic that has been very hot for a few years- GDPR compliance. Register now and make sure your business is compliant. Cognism is also expanding the team, check it out!
  8. Big Screen, Smartocto’s new flexible and standalone screen that talks to you. Allowing you to create custom dashboards for each role in your organization.
  9. Amazing Arta Shehu Zaimi, CEO of Labbox, is one of seven women from CEE who excel at innovation.