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SCV Week in Review #5

The latest updates from our portfolio and SCV team:

  1. We are excited about Bulb Technology’s strategic partnership with M+ Group, the largest independent BPTO service provider (Business Process and Information Technology Outsourcing) in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. With this partnership Bulb, the regional leader in digital process automation and user experience management is strengthening its position in international markets, further accelerating its growth.
  2. Read about how modern newsrooms are transforming in Smartocto’s new blog post “Why newsrooms transformed into editorial action centres” and learn how data can help create value for the reader.
  3. Still wondering if employee monitoring tools have a place in remote work? Check out Gren Gale’s review of Workpuls and see why it is one of the most popular monitoring tools.
  4. We are thrilled to announce that Cognism made it to Latka 250 fastest growing Saas company See what’s coming from Cognism this year.
  5. Are you looking to redecorate your home this spring? Daibau has a great number of masters for you, check it out! (Croatian only)
  6. Agrivi participated in the X-Europe program, read the interview with their COO Mate Knezovic.
  7. Understand why Security is critical for over-the-top content providers and how  InPlayer is protecting its customers’ brands and reputations against payment and data fraud.

Enjoy the read!