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SCV Week in Review #7

Following the work and insights from our portfolio can make your business more successful as you can get an analysis of current trending topics followed by strategic action plans to respond to rising trends. This week we are sharing this useful information and milestones from our portfolio stars:

  1. If you missed Cognism Weekend Reads it’s worth reading on Monday as well! From measuring sales operations success to improving your digital marketing ROI.
  2. Ever since Microsoft Japan conducted an experiment with 4-day workweek it has made a buzz in the business community. Could 4-day-work week be more productive for you? Test it out with Workpuls advice on this trending topic.
  3. Content Insights reports on important SEO changes that you should be aware of – BERT update
  4. Pathfinder became the second most trending app on Shopify this month on account of successfully performing Black Friday campaigns, proving that Pathfinder is the marketing AI co-worker you always wanted.
  5. Labbox‘s CEO and co-founder Arta Shehu Zaimi was a part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Kosovo, where she shared the inspirational story behind Labbox product creation.
  6. Labbox also celebrates an important milestone as it made it to the stores – and just in time for holidays. You can now find it in The Entertainer store in Albi Mall as well as order it on Labbox.education. This year you can gift your kids advanced knowledge wrapped in a fun experience.
  7. Founders of one of our newer investments Videobolt presented their easy-to-use video-making platform. Listen to their ideas and solutions to the future of video presentations.
  8. In the latest SCV activity in the startup ecosystem, Vedran Blagus, our Investment Manager was reviewing the solutions presented at fintech conference Shift Money 2019 as part of the semi-finals jury. Read more about the conference here.