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SCV Week in Review #8

Last week was in the spirit of Black Friday, so in this review, we are overviewing the happenings on the market on this topic. If you ever thought that Black Friday deals belong only to retailers and that SaaS companies have nothing to do with it, you are wildly mistaken. SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions to marketing automation can bring your Black Friday deals to light.

  1. Hunch CEO Sinisa Rakovic shared the sales specs for Shopify sites on Black Friday. The results are out of this world. Their expert advice in Black Friday handbook for advanced Facebook Remarketing Success could be very helpful for many digital marketers searching for a way to advance their BF campaigns in achieving those results.

2. Pathfinder was the 2nd best Shopify app of the month and had very nice responses from their users.


3. Videobolt decided to go for a fun experience creating with Videobolt templates with the high reward of free monthly subscription to Videobolt templates with unlimited use.


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📌Monday! The first day of our competition! . It’s in the game and the game is creativity.💡 . We are giving away 2 monthly Unlimited plans. 1 plan to the most liked video in the comment section and 1 for the video our design team likes the most.✔✔ . Everyone who applies a video to the competition will get a watermark removed for free!* . Every day until this Friday we will be releasing new templates.⏳ In order to win the prize: 1. Choose one of the new templates 2. Make a video preview (with the watermark) 3. Post a link to your video (render page) in the comment section of our pinned FB post – until this Friday midnight (US PST) 4. Share our pinned FB post to your Facebook page 5. Keep making videos, the more videos you apply, the more chance you will have! . Voting will be open until Monday, December 2nd. . Let’s play!🤘🏼 . *The free watermark removal is limited to 1 per account, though you can apply with any number different of videos.

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4. Black Friday is also in AgTech. Agremo is wishing you the best 2020 and offering 50% on their services.

5. Labbox, one of our rare portfolio companies that offer hardware product to their Ed-tech solution is, of course, one of the first to offer BF deal, that is more than welcome in this giving season.

6. Last news has nothing to do with Black Friday, except it happened at the same time. We wanted to let you know that you can follow us on Medium now. We plan to publish our insights into VC world, to make the journey of tech companies easier and we hope empowered with new knowledge.