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Thrilled to announce our first investment

drytools helps you get the source code you want in a fraction of the time without a compromise in quality”

drytools is a Novi Sad (Serbia) based start-up, established in June 2015 by a team that originated out of a local outsourcing company EXECOM. Their main focus is on developing tools for software development companies, which significantly reduce development time spent (up to x4 times) and increase efficiency (back-end as a service). This is invaluable to any developer who is building an application from scratch, or needs to upgrade their existing software. While other back-end as a service tools lock developers into using their services indefinitely, drytools allow for modification and additional programming outside of their service, which is viewed as a significant benefit. The clients range from startups, through consulting and outsourcing companies to large international companies seeking to develop in-house applications.

The Company has a beta product and already generates revenues from first clients. It has been funded by €60k of angel investment. In early November 2015 drytools were invited to present to the accelerator “Y Combinator” in San Francisco, which served as an opportunity to gain fast recognition and access to the startup market in America.

drytools is run by an experienced management team, consisted of three co-founders, that have worked together for 8+ years on software development projects. The CEO has built up and led a 65 person team and is sales oriented. The team has been able to make direct sales to large international clients in the past (Boeing, UBS…) and has an existing network of potential clients he can approach.

Backend as a Service (BaaS) is an industry which is projected to grow rapidly and reach $7.7 billion by 2017 from an estimated $216 million in 2012. The demand for applications and software is rising and developers and software designers are one of the fastest growing jobs. Several researches point to double digit growth in the next several years. Significant acquisitions have occurred by large companies (Facebook, PayPal, RedHat) as well as private investments that enabled the consolidation of services (Appcelerator).

This is why we could not be more excited about our investment in drytools.