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WorkPuls raised €420,000 in a follow-on round

WorkPuls, a time insights software, provides productivity analysis for clients across various industries. Main features of the product are time tracking, employee monitoring and automatic time mapping for a next-level efficiency.

The company raised a follow-on round in the amount of € 420,000 from South Central Ventures. The investment is meant to strengthen the engineering team and to boost international sales and marketing efforts to pursue larger clients. In addition, the company has also focused on expanding use cases in specific verticals, for example, becoming a global leader in architecture.

»Our goal with this round is definitely to expand on the market and focus on some more specific niche markets. To get there we first had to expand our team and internal operations. But the main drive for our growth is the focus on specific industries and creating 10x value for their specific use case. For example, for architects and software developers, we are able to create totally automated time tracking without additional human efforts, knowing exactly on which projects or tasks people are working. Having objective and precise time information gives us the ability to better estimate future projects and tackle some pains which were untouchable before,« says Ivan Petrovic, CEO and Founder of WorkPuls.

With an increasing global market need for office and remote workers coordination also the need for time management tools has grown, opening new doors for Belgrade-based company WorkPuls to show value in helping companies through these challenges. Its main focus are enterprises with 50+ employees and detailed organizational structures across multiple geographies.  

»Our reasons for moving forward with the follow-on investment in WorkPuls was the company’s good track record and we believe the company is now at the phase of crucial growth. WorkPuls has run efficiently since first investment in 2016, and from 2018 on, the company was continuously able to demonstrate a newfound product-market fit in various industries where automated time tracking benefits different businesses and verticals,« says Jan Kobler, Managing Partner at South Central Ventures.