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Personal data processing agreement

I accept and fully agree that my personal data will be processed by SCV Fund Management B.V., a limited liability company with its registered seat in Amsterdam and office address at 88 Prinses Margrietplantsoen 2595 BR The Hague The Netherlands, and registered in the Commercial Register under number 62120654. SCV Fund Management B.V. will forward the data to SCV Partners d.o.o., Gradišćanska 36, 10 000 Zagreb, OIB:85741408223 (in a further text-SCV fund), which will collect, process, use and analyze my data, including my personal data.

SCV fund will use the received data for the following purposes:

  • providing me with information about further data analysis options
  • providing me with information about further data processing course
  • record keeping
  • statistics and reporting

The following data will be collected, processed, analyzed and utilized:

  • the data I provided to SCV fund while enquiring about their services by using the contact form on their website or the e-mail address [email protected]
  • the data I provided to SCV fund in person or by phone, mail, e-mail or by any other means of communication

Data processing can be automated and can include profiling based on the analysis of my location.
This agreement shall remain in force until revoked.

By clicking I accept, I confirm I have, prior to accepting this agreement, be advised that:

  • this agreement is voluntary
  • my personal data processing is being managed by the SCV fund; in case of any questions I am entitled to contact SCV fund by e-mail to [email protected] or by mail at the address: SCV Partners d.o.o., Gradišćanska 36, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • SCV fund will outsource some phases of data processing process to the external partners, taking care to comply with all technical and organizational data protection standards
  • I am entitled to access all information regarding processing covered by this agreement and am both entitled and obligated to correct all inaccurate data
  • I am entitled to revoke this agreement, after which event SCV fund will cease to process my data for the purposes described in the agreement
  • revocation of the agreement shall have no bearing on the legality of data processing prior to revocation
  • SCV fund shall store the agreement and processing data so as to be able to demonstrate the legality of data processing, which will affect data deleting options
  • I am entitled to a complaint to SCV fund using previously listed contact information, as well as to a complaint to an official data protection agency.