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AdScanner implements data-driven approaches to optimize the impact of next-generation TV advertising and TV content business models. They provide automated data and cockpit solutions for increased transparency, precision, control and speed in the TV ecosystem.

The Business

AdScanner is a Croatian marketing technology startup that provides big data solutions for leading-edge TV business models. Founded in 2012, AdScanner is active in Croatia, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria and Serbia. It has implemented a proprietary algorithm for automated video recognition, while developing its own Rapid Data Vectoring technology, collecting and integrating advanced TV audience data across a variety of TV platforms.

They disrupt the way TV campaigns and TV content are being planned, bought and measured with data-driven approaches. On one hand, they enable unparalleled speed, precision and transparency for TV stakeholders such as agencies, TV channels and advertisers themselves. On the other hand, with their custom TV DMP solution, they provide a gateway for telcos and cable providers to build their future TV advertising business models on capitalising on their own TV data.

The Partnership

With the investment, AdScanner is aiming to further expand the international footprint as well as significantly strengthen the sales and development capabilities.

Marin Curkovic

CEO & Co-Founder

Kristian Uwe Curkovic

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Davor Baljak


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