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CustomSell’s Pathfinder is a Shopify integrated AI marketing employee for e-commerce. Pathfinder solution is capable of building campaigns, writing emails and running split tests on its own, enabling e-commerce sales to grow faster and easier with automated processes.

The Business

Pathfinder is an AI marketing employee for e-commerce stores that works for free and can be “hired” to do various marketing jobs. It's the marketing equivalent of a self-driving car - you give Pathfinder a job and it’ll perform it kind of like a real human but in a fraction of the time. Pathfinder helps human marketers design and send over 30,000,000 messages per year, driving millions of dollars in revenue for business large and small.
It took five years of development and about 18 months of beta testing to send out over 65 million messages and to make it to the 3rd top product of the day on Product Hunt.

The Partnership

ENIF co-lead the investment in CustomSell with Frontline Ventures. With the funding, the company will accelerate further development of Pathfinder, add other platforms to currently supported Shopify and Magento, and intensify its go to market activities.


Dan Stearn

Founder and CEO

General Info