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Om3ga Solutions

Om3ga solution is the creator of Daktilograf an unique speech-to-text converter based on their proprietary voice recognition engine. The software is intended to primarily help journalists transcribe their interviews and help with transcripts of board meetings of big corporations in Slavic languages.

The Business

Daktilograf currently translates speech into text and works perfectly for all South Slavic languages. The company is in early stage but managed to show significant traction with businesses in SEE region as their solution has no limit on the number of words it recognizes and can be used independently of the speaking area and regardless of the industry branch in which it is applied.

The Partnership

The partnership with the new investors will enable the team to finalize their product and make it available to businesses across South Eastern and Eastern Europe.

Amil Cengic


Snjezana Gomilanovic


Mirsad Hadzalic


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