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Alchemy is cloud software for the global specialty chemicals industry that speeds the commercialization of new chemistry.

The Business

The most strategic business process of the $1 trillion global specialty chemicals industry is new product development. Alchemy’s cloud software digitalizes​ ​this business process ​to​​ shrink​ the​ time​ ​from ​new​​ concept​ creation to final​ chemistry. Besides accelerating the pace of innovation, Alchemy improves the economics of the process at both the top and bottom line.

The Partnership

Enterprise Innovation Fund (ENIF) invested in dryTools in 2016 — company that is now merged with Alchemy. The investment was focused on expanding the team and developing a solid marketing and sales strategy.

Following their merger with Alchemy Cloud the ENIF is continuing to support their endeavors in the Specialty Chemical Industry.

Core Team

Sasha Novakovich

Co-Founder & CEO

Marko Gaćeša

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Duško Vesin

Co-founder Technology

Nikola Milinković

Co-founder Technology

General Info