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Habiplace is a prop-tech platform that enables home owners to create a digital representation of their homes and reduce the time spent managing or worrying about household administration and home related services.

The Business

Habiplace is trying to help homeowners, tenants and landlords to better manage their property. By integrating existing solutions and numerous innovative features they have built a unique experience (a sort of Facebook for property). Different services, such as energy, insurance, broadband, mobiles, vehicles, pets, etc., can be purchased, managed and administered from inside the Habiplace platform and it is all part of a much larger “Master plan” of creating the new age of property.

The Partnership

South Central Ventures is investing a seed round with 2 other Angel investors to assist Homible to strengthen the team in Croatia and position their platform as a go-to service for property management in the UK.

Stephen Geran

CEO & Founder