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The company smartocto is a combination of two former startups: SmartOcto and Content Insights, Europe’s most prominent editorial analytics systems. A consortium of investors – South Central Ventures, Eleven, Neveq North Base Media, and V-ventures – funded the acceleration of the leadership position. The merger is based on groundbreaking joint research: the prediction of the conversion of content and calculating real-time actionable tips. Their product Story Value Engine is considered a big step towards making media more profitable.

The Business

Both Content Insights (Serbia) and SmartOcto (the Netherlands), that are merged now in smartocto, were founded in 2015. They now hold 3 offices in the Netherlands, Serbia, and the USA. Together they support over 200 large media and news brands in more than 15 countries around the world. Companies like dpg media, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Metro.co.uk and NU.nl (to name just a few) are highly satisfied customers of their services.

The Partnership

With this support, the company will strengthen the team, scale up marketing efforts and reach break-even point by the end of the year. Their efforts are focused on entering US market and making strong partnerships with the world’s largest publishers.

General Info