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We help the most ambitious startups build the next big things

up to € 3 Million Target investment per company

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Financing tech companies on their mission to change the world.

With offices in Belgrade, Zagreb and Skopje, South Central Ventures (SCV), through Enterprise Innovation Fund (ENIF), is focused on tech companies in the Balkans.
The € 40 million fund is dedicated primarily to early stage and growth investments. Within the fund’s ‘seed pocket’, € 1.5 million is allocated for investments of up to € 100 000 per company. The majority of the fund is allocated for early stage and growth investments of up to € 3 million per company. These investments are intended to fuel the international business expansion and growth of the most promising tech startups that can show traction and prove their potential to “make it big”.

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SCV Week in Review #9

Our portfolio companies spend a lot of time sharing and gathering new learnings on different events throughout the region. At South Central Ventures we recognise the value of connecting the innovation-driven companies among each other and sharing different experiences to help them grow, so we are glad to highlight just some of the events and content our portfolio starts covered last week.

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SCV Week in Review #8

Last week was in the spirit of Black Friday, so in this review, we are overviewing the happenings on the market on this topic. If you ever thought that Black Friday deals belong only to retailers and that SaaS companies have nothing to do with it, you are wildly mistaken. SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions to marketing automation can bring your Black Friday deals to light.

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