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Key people behind our success

Our philosophy of backing excellent teams is something we take to heart and implement internally, as well. South Central Ventures team is composed of dedicated people with diverse backgrounds and experience, coming from different countries. What we all share is an interest in technology and the excitement of being part of the vibrant start-up community.

Seeing companies developing technologies and solutions which, until recently were unthinkable, is truly inspiring. Knowing that we can help entrepreneurs through this process of creativity and innovation is what keeps me motivated and excited about what I do.

Tatjana Zabasu Mikuz

Managing Partner

I strongly believe in the power of creative minds and technology working together to solve the toughest challenges of today’s society. Therefore, I enjoy supporting the best entrepreneurs on their global mission to make this world a better place.

Jure Mikuz

Managing Partner

We at SC ventures have a unique opportunity to be a part of a positive change in a region full of untapped talent and potential. Investing in exceptional founders and working multilaterally with them while on their path to making a difference is my main driving force and inspiration.

Jan Kobler

Managing Partner

Goran Stevanovic


Investing in the most prominent companies with clear visions and great strategies gives me joy. With our great team we are the pioneers that help in growing companies' value and impact on our region.

Vedran Blagus


Being able to support and promote the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in our region is truly a privilege. With SCV I have the unique opportunity to identify and support the valuable innovations of inspiring founders that are going to make a difference not only in the regional market but worldwide.

Eli Zhabevska


The ability to assist the founders and help them execute their vision, observe directly how their technology affects and disrupts long-established industries, not to mention the possibility of an entirely new industry being created, is both thrilling and exciting.

Miloš Kujovic


Tina Kastrevc


It's a great challenge to support brand new ideas and solutions whilst creating a company with great values.
As part of a highly dedicated and inspiring team at SCV we strive to provide exceptional support to the companies that dream big.

Tanja Pantic

Chief Financial Officer

Sonja Arandjus

Office manager

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